Saturday, July 23, 2011

Art in the forest

This spring the children in the local school and local artists created an outdoor exhibition in the forest near our village. We took a walk on my birthday to go and admire some of the work.

A view of the village from above in the vineyards.

In the forest we came across a whole flock of felted geese. These were the project that Chiara's class had worked on. They will stay in the forest until November. We will have to go back in a couple of months to see how they have weathered all of the rain.

The Foundation

Well, actually the plot looked like the photo below when Mr. Aerni was finished. All ready for the foundation to be added. We won't have a cellar, the water level in the area is too high and it was way out of our budget.

Laying the foundation.

All ready for the house to be delivered.....
King of the mountain!

The next step, clearing the plot.

In March it was finally time to break ground on our piece of land. I was in states visiting with family, so it was left to Diego and the kids to make their mark. Diego took a shovel intending to let the kids each dig a bit. However, when they arrived, Mr. Aerni, in charge of our earth moving, had other plans. He asked Diego what he planned do with "that thing" (the shovel) and then invited the kids to each have a go in the digger. It was a hit and Devin added "Baumeister" (builder) to his list of future jobs.

Devin at work!

Finley gets a turn.

Girl power!
Yeah, for a job well started!
After the kids had had their turns Mr. Aerni got to work and soon the plot looked like this....